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Family Martial Arts

Taekwondo may be an individual sport, but that doesn’t mean it should be done alone. Our family classes are the perfect way for families to spend quality time together, get a great workout in, and build better respect for one another…all at the same time!

Family Martial Arts

Creates Time For Family Bonding

With the many demands of work, school, and social lives, many families are reluctant to sign their kids up for another activity that will just take more time away from their time spent together. As parents ourselves, the staff at Championship Martial Arts TRIBE wanted to find a solution to this common problem. Thus, we were inspired to create our family class! When you sign your family up for this class, you will all be able to train Taekwondo together with your instructor of choice. Not only will your family have lots of fun together, but this experience will bring you closer than ever. As you all continue your training, your family will be able to help one another when faced with challenges and cheer each other on as you reach your individual goals.


Gets Everyone in Shape

Not only does our family martial arts class boost your bonding time together, but it will help everyone get in better shape. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Taekwondo has tons of proven health benefits – from reduced stress to increased muscle mass, to improved coordination and flexibility, to weight loss. Instead of wasting your time at the gym, it’s time to try something a little less conventional. No matter what level you and your family may be at, our instructors will provide training that is personally tailored to your family’s experience levels and goals. What if different members of your family have more martial arts experience than others? No worries – your instructor can cater different exercises and techniques to meet the needs of each member of your family.



Builds Respect At Home

While martial arts foster many different positive traits in its students, there is one that is more important than all the others – respect. Respect is at the heart of all martial arts instruction and practices. Students are expected to bow to their instructors and sparring partners, refer to their instructors by the proper terminology, and maintain focus and discipline in class. But these values can’t just disappear the minute students walk out of the dojo. Students are expected to continue to practice respect towards their parents, teachers, classmates, and friends. By practicing Taekwondo as a family, it’s even easier for students to apply the values of martial arts to their home lives and relationships with family members.

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